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Why Workplace Safety Is Your Responsibility

Employers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and health of their employees.  All the civilized and regulated societies all over the world have got statutes and laws that regulate behavioral and general safety in the workplace.  You need to understand that in most instances, accidents at the workplace are caused by unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.  That is why it is the responsibility of all of us, and not just the employers to make sure that the places that we work in are safe and not filled with hazards.

You can define an unsafe act as an unauthorized person doing an unauthorized action.  This can result in many losses if in any case the blunder is to the extremes and serious in effect.  On the other hand, an unsafe condition is defined as more of an environment deviation right within the workplace.  This in most instances is caused by unsafe acts therefore rendering that workplace unsafe and more so increases the risk of dire financial and personal consequences.

The use of eCompliance Management Solutions is an example of some of the steps which you can take in order to ensure that the place you work in is safe at all times.  It is also important to appreciate the fact that people cause more than 85% of all incidents and accidents that currently take place in the workplace.  Of all of these, 65% of them are unauthorized acts or deeds that normally result in extreme effects to the people concerned.

Regional and state authorities have a wide range of laws and statutes, which are meant to ensure proper regulation of the workplace and any kind of activity that is, connect to the work at the workplace.  The main reason why we are recording an ever increasing number of accidents and fatalities across the world is because most businesses do not want to sign up with these authorities for fear of unfair judgment.  Therefore, if anyone were to get injured while at work in most of these companies, there would be no one to come to their rescue and therefore leading to more problems.

The good thing with statutes is that they are normally well designed and therefore can offer a desired degree of protection to the affected people.  If you are an employee in any part of the world today, you have to understand that you are always responsible for your own safety and security. Moreover, you are tasked with ensuring the security or your colleagues, clients and any other person who is in the workplace at any time.  This marks a definitive starting point for a better and even more complaint workplace.

It is also important to mention that all employers have to carry out consistent and timely risk assessments in the workplace so as to ensure it is safe from hazards.  If they come across any type of risk, they are supposed to act fast by providing protective gear to the employees, providing written documentation to employees and most importantly keep the employees about any kind of risks which they might come across as they carry on with their daily business.   You can make use of eCompliance Management Solutions to deal with these issues.


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