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What you should prepare before attending an interview

asasasassaHere are a few of job interview tips and what preparations you should do before attending a job interview.

Doing survey of job interview location
Check the location of interview. This is should be done before interview date so you would not busy or confused in looking for the interview location. However this is not necessary if you already known the location of interview.

Come Early
Come 10 minutes before scheduled interview time. This should be done so you can calm down, and you would not rush that could cause you nervous while doing the interview. This way is often be forgotten by many applicants that often led them to the failure.

Preparing Answers of Job Interview Questions
This thing you have to do, and by doing this preparation, your confidence would grow, so it would not make you worry again you’re incapable of answering questions from the interviewer.

Formal Dress
You can dress up with your financial capabilities. For men it is recommended to wear a long-sleeved dress shirts with bright colors, but not garish or gaudy. This section has a psychological assessment that would be given by the interviewer. Normally clothing worn for a job interview is a white shirt and black trousers and if you’re women, you should wear clothes that show you are a worker, and your make-up should not be too thick.

Begin and end the interview with a greeting and a handshake
Knock on the door before you enter the interview room, then reach out your hand early to shake hands while saying a warm greeting. This is done in order to give the interviewer a positive impression that you are a smart, friendly and confident. It is also strongly associated with politeness and you should know that politeness is the very strong factor of acceptance.

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