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Legal Recruitment Agencies Can Help With Every Aspect Of Recruitment

Legal recruitment agencies are a win-win for both the firms and the candidates in virtually any hiring environment. Hiring is often a leap into the unknown for the new employee as well as the new employer and a wrong fit can ultimately cost everyone involved time, money, and possibly, reputation. A specialized agency that focuses on the legal field adds a layer of reliability, trustworthiness and simplicity to the otherwise complicated hiring process.



When hiring numbers are up and there is stiff competition for talent, legal recruitment agencies offer a pool of proven talent. For a firm that needs a quick placement, a specialized agency can offer a database full of active job-seekers. But what is often even more valuable is that legal placement agencies have contacts with employed professionals who may not necessarily be looking for a new job but are willing to leap at just the right opportunity.


In times where hiring is down, law firms tend to be inundated with resumes from job seekers of varying skill levels. An agency that knows what the firm wants can save the firm significant time and money by weeding through the mountains of unqualified applicants to find the hidden gems. The right agency knows the business of the practice of law and can also point job seekers toward training that will make them more valuable to firms.


For job candidates, legal placement agencies offer invaluable resources. Most job opportunities are not advertised but a legal search firm has the inside edge to identify these openings. They also have an understanding of what individual firms look for in a candidate, giving their candidates an edge by being able to market their skills to the firm’s needs. As noted by Above the Law, a recruiter has little to gain by placing attorneys in firms where they will be unhappy. Everybody wins with a good placement so a good legal placement firm will use all of its resources to find just the right match for a candidate.


Not to be overlooked is the draw of project lawyers and other flexible options. Increasingly, law firms and companies are looking for legal services that can ebb and flow with the call of business. Legal search firms supply quality candidates who are ready to take on the increased work load when needed. The concept of project attorneys has been firmly established in the United States and is quickly growing in demand in Canada. are essential for job seekers and firms looking to hire. The Heller Group are the foremost legal recruiters in Canada. As the model expands, legal recruiters become even more valuable because of their ability to screen candidates for quality and supply them to firms and other businesses quickly.

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