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Top Ten Best Places To Study During Summer

Study During SummerYou may be content to study for the SAT, an upcoming exam or an AP test in the comfort of your bedroom, but the truth is that your house is not always the ideal study location. There are plenty of distractions, including your little brother, television and your comfortable bed. A change of scenery can help you focus and really get down to business.

1. The Beach
Of course the beach is not the ideal study spot if you find yourself lugging around a bag of books and other supplies; however, if you need to read a novel or review flashcards this is a great choice. You can also multitask by evening out your summer tan as you read. This only works for people near a great beach. Also you might have trouble getting an SAT tutor in Los Angeles to work with you here instead of some more effective study locations.

2. Coffee Shop
If you are looking for a study location that is constantly evolving and offers a bit of entertainment, the coffee shop might be your best bet. The sound of blenders and customers might annoy those who need quiet to study, but the constant flow of espresso will certainly keep you awake.

3. Library
The library is definitely not the stuffy place you thought it was when you were a kid. It is a comfortable, cozy location that offers plenty of chairs and tables in a quiet environment. Plus, a librarian is always available to help you research challenging topics.

4. Book store
Any book store with a café and tables will work. You can sip on espresso, enjoy the ambience of the shop and use the books around you as study material.

5. College campus
Nothing is more motivating than studying on a local college campus. You can study out on the grass or in the library. You might find that you enjoy the academic vibe.

6. Your friend’s house
If you have a study buddy, consider taking turns reading at each other’s homes. Having a friend to push you along can motivate you to make steady progress.

7. Your local park
You can bring a bag of books, a blanket and a picnic lunch to relax at the park. You will find not only peace and quiet but also a large space to study without distractions you would find at home with electronics.

8. Community center
Most community centers have rooms for studying and reading, some of which offer WiFi you can use with your laptop. After you study, you can even get a workout in.

9. Tutoring center
If you require additional help studying for your SAT, a tutor can help you focus on the most challenging topics. The best SAT tutors from an established tutoring company will be able to suggest a location for you.

10. Lunch restaurant
Next time you head out for a solo lunch at a restaurant or café, bring along a novel or a set of flashcards that you need to get through.

Studying for the SAT or any other exam should not be boring. SAT tutoring can even be done on your own time with study questions online. You can really spice up your study technique if you get a change of scenery every once in a while.


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