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Hot Majors To Choose For Future Students

Student_21112014It is a hot college application season. Usually an admission officer would want to find out what major you would like to study. However, if you are not sure yet give yourself sometime to figure this out. Be honest in your essay and just say that you are in a process on making up a final decision.

Your future major is not a joke and you need to decide what’s best for you considering many factors. But the most important one these today is good employment prospects.

Nowadays employers look for students with background with a few traditional fields. Get ready to explore top hot majors.

Biomedical Engineering

Yes, it is a serious as it sounds. And custom essay paper for such course also have to be at the highest level. Nevertheless, this job can bring lots of excitement and, what’s more important, stable income. People who stand at the intersection of the life sciences, engineer and medicine enjoy their everyday work a lot.

According to the recent statistics formed by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 62% gob growth that is expected from 2010 till 2020. Sounds promising, isn’t it?


The field will teach a student how to build automated identification devices, for example facial recognition systems (ladies should be really interested in).

This industry expects to growth to $363 million by 2018. This estimate was provided by Transparency Market Research located in New York.

Forensic Science

Remember CSI TV show? Well, guess what, it is not fiction. Technology has really made a huge step up and it is time to share it with the world. This hi-tech will teach students how they can analyze evidence using the latest device.

As technology market growth, more professionals are required to investigate and prevent crimes.

Design Of Computer Games

No matter what attitude you have towards computer games, it is really difficult to deny that this sector has been incredibly popular past 15 years. Not only you can spend free time relaxing in front of your PC screen, but you can also make money playing a game.

According to DFC Intelligence (market research company based in San Diego), global market for online games and video is expected to reach $82 billion by 2017. The numbers are just unbelievably huge.

Students will learn programming, production management skills, animation, and audio design.

Cyber Security

It is getting more and more complicated to find websites with proper security. Credit cards are hacked every hour, your personal information is poorly protected as well. That is why it’s became a top priority for large company and the government to protect data. Pentagon is adding more and more cyber specialist to improve the security.

Data Science

Did you know that the global volume of computerized data will help creating around 4.4 million job places by 2015? This should sound persuasive enough.

As you can, the world grows bigger and bigger. There are many opportunities for those who actually seek for them. There are many other popular majors, such as Business Analytics, Petroleum Engineering, Public Health, Robotics, Sustainability and many other fields that waiting for you to explore them.

Can’t find something that would fulfill your life and monetary interest? Keep on looking! You still have some time left to make a final decision.


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